Jimmy Fallon & Baby Capital One Cash Rewards Card Commercial

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History & Background “The Pike” is a downtown LB institution. Opened in 1902, the original “Pike”, with its wooden dual-track “Cyclone Racer”, brought thrills to generations kids & grownups alike. People loved the old bath house resort and Looff Carousel, along with dozens of roller coasters and other rides. Having gone through several economic and societal changes, The Pike eventually closed in 1979. In an effort to revitalize downtown Long Beach, the new “Pike at Rainbow Harbor” was opened in 2003, and today provides a broad array of fun activities for families, both locals and from all over Southern California. The Pike Today The Pike today is a vibrant destination, full of things to do and see, and for its great eats! Officially known as “The Pike at Rainbow Harbor”, The Pike is best known for wonderful restaurants, shops, and it still has several amusements, like the Giant (Ferris) Wheel (solar powered!), dinner cruises on the bay and whale watching excursions (sightings not guaranteed, but a good time is!). There is a neat structure around the main overpass to the Aquarium reminiscent of the old roller coasters that used to dominate the old Pike. Don’t be fooled! There’s no ticket booth. The Pike has some terrific restaurants, including: Gladstones, PF Changs, Auld Dubliner Irish Pub, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, California Pizza Kitchen, KDB, Islands and Cold Stone Creamery. Plenty of valet parking at The Pike’s “restaurant row”. They even have a video arcade, a book

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28 Responses to Jimmy Fallon & Baby Capital One Cash Rewards Card Commercial

  1. ALoserIsFred says:

    I like Jimmy Fallon. He’s pretty funny. Jimmy Fallon for Dancing with the Stars. Since he did what looked like a jive with Emma Watson on tonight’s episode. Let’s see him do a jive with a professional on Dancing with the Stars.

  2. gnsp07 says:

    Luv that baby!!!!!!!!

  3. 3700894th says:

    “No,” The only capital one commercials that I don’t switch channels on. That baby, “No.” take me back to my baby girl. Even the cheerios on the tray! I like that baby.

  4. xoxsupraxox says:

    @gxfan039 It’s your baby!

  5. gxfan039 says:

    Who’s baby is that?

  6. burtis77 says:

    He gave birth to the kid

  7. maclogo says:

    Possibly the worst concept for a commercial I’ve ever seen. Makes absolutely no sense concerning the “product” being sold. And such a waste of talent (Fallon). Cute baby, but does not “connect”. Sorry.

  8. Fav610 says:

    that is so funny

  9. MrTubyful says:

    I am still trying to get my ex-wife to go to that future divorce attorney

  10. olsonrerj says:

    Yes it’s the same baby. This was the first one and now they have the newer one where she’s a little older. Adorable!

  11. willputch says:

    These commercials are brilliant, love the baby, keep it going!

  12. MRSAUCEDOG says:

    This THE baby of all babies!!! She is so cute!!!

  13. musiqtube1 says:

    I love that lil baby. she is so cute. she makes the commercial worth watching.

  14. rreedy07 says:

    Such a doll!

  15. hannah smith says:

    Who is this baby. She’s so cute. Is she any relation to Jimmy Falon?

  16. Excessivecontrast says:

    Is that the same baby in the new commercials? She’s younger here.

  17. skatermonkey1000 says:

    1 person got hit by cereal :)

  18. mbtlriley says:

    This is my favorite commercial. I love this baby!

  19. mbtlriley says:

    This is my favorite commercial. I love this baby!

  20. boxerdogs11 says:

    Love love love this commercial. That look on her face at :13 is priceless!

  21. 123nohands says:


  22. musikfanat says:

    Soooooo cute!

  23. mrwalk3r03 says:

    NO !..Lucky Charms in the face..IN.THE.FAAACE !!!

  24. acedaface954 says:

    @jbeautiful38 thats a lil’ girl? my bad. lol man its those eyes. love her.

  25. jbeautiful38 says:

    Yeah she looks likes she’s saying “Now what does this idiot want?”

  26. pirvibar says:

    I agree. I was surprised and disappointed that Long Beach did not recreate an amusement park similar to the old pike. Barbara Irvine-Parker

  27. ArtbySandypants says:

    Yeah, “primer attraction” . There’s NOTHING going on. It was a better place before they destroyed it.

  28. rwatanabe1611 says:

    I lived in Long Beach for 4 years. Now Im back in Japan and my heart literally ached when I watched this video…I miss LB SO MUCH!! :(

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